Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007

Noah had a big Christmas this year. He got so much loot that we opened gifts for three days!
Noah's Grandma Lala was also here for Christmas, so he got some extra Christmas fun with her.

Noah opened his stocking on Christmas Eve:

And then on Christmas Day, he opened and played with his basketball hoop from Uncle Scott, Aunt Jaci, and cousins Cody and Quinn:


For whatever reason, Noah hates having his face wiped after meals... it's always been a fight.

Now he's taken a new tack on the problem: he recently discovered that he can grab the washcloth from us, and play peekaboo with us... and we're so charmed by it that we forget to wipe his face!

Well, I guess that's OK... we'll take the fun-and-games for now, and figure out another way to get him clean later...

Crazy Monkey!

Noah loves to play... he can be a crazy monkey at times!

Here he is, bouncing on the sofa, amusing himself (and us)...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Clown Nose

Noah gets a big kick when Momma wears a clown nose!

This was recorded in July, 2007.

Noah's Birthday Videos

These two clips are from Noah's birthday on Hawaii, Oct. 11, 2007.

The guy singing loudly out of tune is me, of course.

Noah loves drainpipes

Here's another short clip from Hawaii. Noah absolutely *loves* anything with water, so what could be more fun that a bit of PVC drainpipe? Go figure.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our vacation in Hawaii

Noah had his first birthday on Kauai... we put together a slideshow of our family vacation.